The List

The further and deeper I fall down the food blogging rabbit hole the more restaurants I find myself filing away for a requisite future visit.  Unfortunately I have neither the means, the time nor the company to really get around to all these great venues any time soon and many of my friends are too vegetarian, too financially strapped, too busy, too fussy or simply not as interested in food and where to eat out as much as I am.

As this list gets longer and more extensive I also find myself struggling to remember everywhere that’s supposed to be on it, which although not the end of the world in a city so suffused with new and enticing restaurants as London, it is a little frustrating.  In an effort to combat this I have decided to formally record The List; my list, cobbled together from here and there, of restaurants, pubs, bars or supperclubs I have in my mind to visit as soon as I find myself able.

If there is anywhere not on this list you would like to recommend please feel free to do so in the comments.  Where possible I have linked to venue or event’s own website or their UrbanSpoon listing as well as the blogs or other online listings that have lead me to List that particular place.  When I do manage to get out and eat at one of the Listed venues I’ll mark that down too and link to my blog post on what the visit was like.

With that all said I present to you The List:


500, Archway

Asakusa, Camden

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Byron Burger, Multiple London locations – I have now eaten at Byron Islington but didn’t record it.  I’ll be back

Chilli Cool, Bloomsbury

Chin Chin Labs, Camden

Delhi Grill, Islington

  • Rotis sampled and posted on here.
  • Good word on the full menu from The Shed Likes Food, post on their rotis here.

    Dishoom, Covent Garden

    El Parador, Camden – Post pending

    The Florence, Herne Hill

    Goodman, Mayfair and Bank

    Hawksmoor, Shoreditch and (opening soon) Seven Dials

    Koba, Tottenham Court Road – Post pending

    Koya, Soho

    Mooli’s, Soho – I managed to eat here after London Pride but didn’t record it. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.

    Ottolenghi, Islington (and other London locations) – Post here

    Polpetto, Soho

    Polpo, Soho

    Sushi of Shiori, Euston

    Tierra Brindisa, Soho

    Trullo, Islington

    Viet, Soho

    Wahaca, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, White City

    Yum Cha, Camden


    Fernandez & Leluu, Hackney

    The Old Hat Club, Islington

    The Secret Larder, Holloway – Post pending

    • James Ramsden’s own blog and Twitter account talking about the supper club.
    • Kavey Eats review

    The Shed, Newington Green

    The Underground Restaurant, Kilburn – Post pending

    Underground Tea Party, Croyden

    • The Underground Tea Party’s own blog and Twitter account.

    3 responses to “The List

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    3. Really like this list – I’ve been to quite a few of them but here’s my upcoming wishlist from now on. I agree list gets unmanageable and HUGE but I’m slowly working my way through it:

      I would also add you should try The Prince Regent in Herne Hill if you are going to try the Florence – last time I was there we had an amazing Sunday lunch which included oysters to start, an amazing roast and lovely cheese platter for pud. Nice mix of people too x

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