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Mango and Nectarine Crumble

Mango and Nectarine Crumble
What do you do when you find a neglected wrinkly old nectarine in the fruit bowl and a forgotten over-ripe mango lurking in the bottom of the fridge drawer? You could certainly do a lot worse than use them to make this mango and nectarine crumble as I did recently when confronted with just that. Throwing them away that would be worse though I’m guessing to many it may seem the most obvious action; but given the choice between wasting your hard earned pennies and contributing to the growing mountain of UK food waste or an extra unexpected and unplanned for dessert I know which I’d prefer. Continue reading


Chocolate and Banana Croissant “Bread and Butter” Pudding

Chocolate and banana croissant "bread and butter" pudding

Looks like a mess, tasted like stodgy chocolatey joy.

I don’t often make puddings at home; although I am definitely a pudding sort of girl.  I’m frequently the one found trying to convince fellow diners that they do have room for a little pud, and look how good this sounds, well what if we shared, just so I don’t have to be the only one at a table left gorging myself on something sweet and gooey and deliciously fattening while everyone else sips their espressos and feels thin.  At home though, unless I’m having friends for dinner when I may make more of an effort, I can very rarely be bothered to knock up a proper pudding as well as cooking dinner for the sake of just us two.  I know my boyfriend will be just as happy with some shop bought ice-cream or a bar of dairy milk, so that’s what he gets.

There are those nights though when a bit of fruit and ice-cream or a few squares of chocolate just aren’t enough, and a last week arose one of those times. Continue reading