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How Not to Make a T-shirt Rug

Let this post serve as a warning to anyone else that has an imagination which runs beyond the practicalities of turning their ideas into a workable project.  This is a post on The Rug that Will Not Die.

First a bit of background, this project started back in March, before this blog was even born, with the now clearly laughable intention of being finished in a week. A week, how young and foolish I was! It was planned as part of a larger and even more ridiculously complex idea that I’d been dreaming up for months; to turn my flat into a magical craft-style woodland scene where I would host a faerie party to celebrate my birthday. Oh the plans I had, but this rug would prove to be the most persistent of them.

For where other elaborate schemes eventually fell by the way side, as time grew shorter and I panicked more and more, this was something I’d already started, already invested time and money in, and something I wanted to keep to decorate the flat long after the inevitable hangover had faded.

This was a project I would have to finish, but with my birthday now passed and without a deadline this would soon become The Rug that Will Not Die.

Party in the woods

If you go down to the woods today...

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