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Blood Orange, Fennel, Watercress and Feta Salad

Blood orange, fennel, watercress and feta salad

They say you eat first with your eyes, which is possibly why I find this blood orange, fennel, watercress and feta salad so tempting. Just look at all those vibrant colours scattered around the plate. I’m not really sure where I first got the idea for this, but I Googled around before making it to check this wasn’t a completely mad combination of ingredients. It wasn’t, and the result really does taste as good as it looks. Crunchy aniseed fennel, sharp, sweet juicy blood orange, peppery watercress and salty creamy feta. I had this for lunch two days in a row and will be doing so many more times while the blood oranges are still in season. Continue reading


El Parador, Camden [GUEST POST at The Haiku Review]

Grilled Padrón peppers 4
Exciting times, I’ve had my first ever guest post! This post actually went up on Meemalee’s blog a few days ago I’ve been a bit rubbish at getting the linked post up here; so sorry to Meems and better late than never hey? Check out my relatively succinct post (for me, I still managed to write more than in any of Meemalee’s other posts) over at The Haiku Review or read on if you want the slightly lengthier version and then click through at the end. Continue reading

Delhi Grill, Islington

I love Twitter; a few months ago I was lucky enough to spot a tweet from Hannah Norris of Nourish PR asking for anyone working in a North London office to get in touch. There was free food to be had so of course I emailed right away. It turned out Hannah was handling PR for the newly opened Delhi Grill in Chapel Market, Islington, an Indian ‘Dhaba‘ Canteen seeking in their own words to serve:

“Indian food as it should be – freshly ground spices – slow-cooked – deep, delicious flavours – no stir in sauces – and not swimming in oil”

In order to promote their opening and get the word out they wanted to send some free lunch time rotis out to businesses nearby; I gave Hannah our office address and people numbers and that was that. Weeks went by and all remained silent, then suddenly about a month ago I got another email from Hannah; how was Friday for a roti delivery? Brilliant, I sent word round the office that Friday would be free lunch day. Continue reading