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An Ode to Marble Beers; 57 Thomas Street

Beer 57 left, Summer Marble right.

Oh Marble Beers how I love thee so, brewers of the amber nectar of my Manchester youth; Ginger Marble.  From my first 18(or so) year old sip I was forever smitten with this beer, and their other brews aren’t anything to be sniffed at either.  If I could buy Marble Beers here in London I would be a very happy girl, a very happy and potentially very drunk girl, but very happy none-the-less, and definitely not just because I was so drunk.

Hypothetical alcoholism aside, I was first introduced to the wonders of Marble as a late teenager by my Chorlton dwelling then girlfriend, who as luck would have it lived walking distance from the Marble Beerhouse , one of only three Marble bars to be found.  Many an afternoon and evening were happily wiled away there, discussing the world over pints of my beautiful Ginger, but then came University, and I discovered with sadness just how rare this ale was. Continue reading


Cheesy Chicken and Leek Pie

Pie, fresh out of the oven.

Gods I’m terrible at this blogging malarkey aren’t I?  Not necessarily at the blogging itself (although I’ll let you be the judge of that, whoever you are) but just at actually posting something, anything!

As I have had about 5 different posts buzzing around my head for the past month though, being mentally written and rewritten, waiting to be blogged, I’ll try to get them all out soon in one mass onslaught and then perhaps I’ll be able to establish some regularity to my posts after that.  For now, yet again, I’ll just tell you about what I made for dinner tonight; cheesy chicken and leek pie. Continue reading