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Five Bean Chilli

Five bean chilli with rice and avocado slices

Five bean chilli with rice and avocado slices

Roughly three months ago a call went out on Twitter for blogger recipes suitable for students as part of a competition from the folks behind Student’s Can Cook.  The prize for the winner would be a brand new shiny Kenwood Blender, and all entries would be posted up on the Student’s Can Cook website for perusal and use by the oncoming tide of current and future students.  Oooh I thought, I only graduated two years ago, I cooked a lot as a student and still cook a lot like a student I must be able to come up with something. Continue reading


First post; some soup that I made.

Red Lentil, Butter bean and Vegetable Soup.

So this is my first blog post, scary.  I’ve been thinking about setting a blog up for months now, but what with one thing or another I never really got round to it; although I would occasionally cook something and think, “that would make a good blog post”, the fact of not having a blog to post on meant that the thought never progressed into actual blogging.  So a couple of weeks ago I made a decision and set this one up, so that when the thought next occurred to me I’d have no excuse not to start blogging.  What I hadn’t counted on was the added pressure of knowing that I now had a blog lurking, empty, with nothing posted on it and the growing need to come up with something to post just to fill the space. Continue reading