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When I was very small the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a writer, or an ice-cream van lady as I thought it meant you could eat ice-cream all day.  I am now around a quarter of a century old and still trying to figure out what I want my life to be, but since I still harbour vague writing desires and think about food more than may be healthy I thought I’d start this blog as an outlet and a means of sharing my obsessive wittering with the wider world.

As I also love to craft this is not strictly speaking intended to be a food blog, however that does seem to the way things are naturally swinging and who am I to argue with that.

I originally intended this to be a space to share the food I cook and bake at home and the frequently outlandish craft projects I undertake which often seem to create more mess than my boyfriend deems reasonable; hence the name of this blog.  Living in London however, surrounded by amazing restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs of every level and amidst a lovely and incredibly active blogger community has opened me up to eating out statistically more than I ever have before and whilst this has proved to be unfortunate news for both my waistline and my bank balance, that’s what overdrafts and gyms are for and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Although I feel somewhat uncomfortable with the word review, not considering myself remotely qualified as a reviewer, I see no reason I shouldn’t share my experiences of where I eat out or products I’ve tried and will use this space to do so, however please bear in mind that opinions are my own and as such subjective to my own tastes and occasional ignorance.

Having graduated only two years previously and with no training bar what I’ve learnt from family, friends, magazines and the Internet I continue to cook in a broadly student style, albeit a food obsessed and fairly adventurous student. My crafting similarly could be described as that of a student or Blue Peter presenter and often involves me raiding my recycling bin to create something, or trying to figure out how I can recreate something pretty I’ve seen in a shop or on the Internet cheaply or using what’s to hand.

Although most of the food I cook at home, and so supposed most of the food on this blog, is vegetarian or vegan I’m not; however I feel strongly about the ethical and environmental connotations of eating meat which is why I try to minimise my consumption and only buy from high welfare sustainable sources when I do.

About me

I am originally and remain a Manchester girl at heart though you may not guess it from my lack of accent.

People frequently assume I’m vegetarian or vegan but I’m not.

I get over excited in the greengrocers and impulse buy attractive or interesting looking vegetables.

When I was four years old on a holiday to Lapland, after riding to a restaurant on Santa’s sleigh, I was fed reindeer meat.  My response upon being told I’d eaten Rudolph was to respond “and he was very tasty too” then threaten the reindeer parked outside that if they weren’t good I’d eat them.

I have a special cupboard just for tea (and other hot drinks) which at current count houses about 30 different types.

I fantasise about one day having my own Good Life style garden where I can grown all my own fruit, veg and herbs, and keep chickens for eggs and a goat for milk and cheese.

Get in touch

I love getting comments and emails about the things I’ve written, about this blog and just generally from new people who have the same interests or obsessions as me so please feel free to get in touch.

I can be reached by email on Becca (at) howtomakeamess (dot) com

Or over on Twitter at @howtomakeamess


4 responses to “About

  1. This is amazing. I love your “about me” and your first post is fantastic. Keep it up lovely! Write a post about your spectacular birthday craftyness. x x x

  2. Thank you my love! I actually may have been a *tiny* bit drunk when I wrote the about me section, but I hate writing about me sections so I think it was for the best.

    Glad you like it. It’s nowhere near as good as your blog but hopefully it will get better and I’ll start remembering to take photos when I cook/bake/craft as that is currently one of the main things stopping me writing a new post! xxxx

  3. I got here by just following some random chain of links after seeing your “Privatise all the things” meme. It’s a nice site you have here, this part of your ‘about me’ made me smile though:

    “I am originally and remain a Manchester girl at heart though you may not guess it from my lack of accent.”

    Since I’m from Manchester, but most people don’t guess that… because of my accent. 😀

    You said you wanted comments, you brought this comment on yourself.

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