How to Knit a Tentacle Scarf with Pockets

Tentacle scarf!

Yaaargh! It be the a curs'd KRAKEN!

I have a bit of a thing for tentacles.

That sounded far dirtier than it was supposed to. All I mean is, tentacles are cool. It’s a steampunk/pirate thing I suppose. Tentacles are cool in the same way that goggles or pirate boots are cool, they just are. So when, a couple of years ago as I was browsing Etsy for Christmas presents, and I stumbled across these tentacle scarves I knew I had to have one.

As it was Christmas though, the shop was also selling tentacle holiday stockings, to hang above the fire and fill with presents on Squidmas Eve! (warning – link NSFW and a bit gruesome in a cartoony way). Seeing the two together a thought struck me; better than an ordinary tentacle scarf would be a long scarf with two tentacle stockings at either end, that I could use as tentacled gloves/arm warmers or just as pockets to keep my oyster card etc in.

So I messaged the seller to make enquiries. She was happy to make the scarf for me just as I’d described it, but it would have to wait until the new year as she was backed up with Christmas orders at the time. She also quoted me a price, $68 for a normal scarf, $84 for one with the extra pockets; that’s £42 and £51 by today’s conversion rate. That might seem like a lot or a little depending on your situation. At the time I thought it was probably quite reasonable; custom knitting is labour and time intensive and the scarves looked amazing, but I still couldn’t justify spending £50 on a scarf.

Since I knew I’d have to wait until the new year anyway I decided to think about it and maybe buy it with some Christmas money. Then the new year came, I was distracted by other shiny things, and I promptly forgot.

Eighteen months or so later I remembered the scarf, the problem I was now working as an intern and so I definitely couldn’t afford £50; however I was also a slightly better knitter. This will sound horribly cliched, but I like a creative challenge. I like to look at something, try to mentally take it apart and figure out how I could create it myself; so that is exactly what I did.

Creeplings’ scarves are crotcheted, which I suspect is a more appropriate technique to use for the suckers. I do not know how to crotchet yet, nor do I own any properly sized crotchet hooks, but I do know how to knit, so this is a knitted version instead. I’m hoping that Creeplings won’t mind me posting the pattern I came up with here. If you’re not knitter yourself though, you’d rather avoid the faff, or if you’d just prefer a scarf made to a more professional looking pattern I urge you to go and buy one from her store. She seems like a lovely person, she makes kick arse awesome scarves, and now they’re only $27 i.e. £16, which is a pittance to pay for a custom hand crocheted scarf. A pittance.

For those of you who would like to have a go yourselves though the pattern I came up will be posted below soon. I had it up earlier, but as I’ve never written a knitting pattern before a friend suggested I take it down while she test knits it for me.

Thanks and much be-tentacled love!

tentacle joytentacle love

Tentacles are cool. I wear tentacles now. ❤


54 responses to “How to Knit a Tentacle Scarf with Pockets

  1. Oh my GOD I must make these IMMEDIATELY. Or not, as I have too many other things to do, but SOON! You are a genius.

  2. Thank you ^_^

    At the suggestion of a few friends on Twitter though I’ve taken the pattern down while I do a test knit. She’s also suggested that instead of just putting it back up I sell it on Ravelry or P/hop, but I’ve never done anything like that before and I feel a bit weird about it. I like sharing creative things, although to be honest I could use the extra money!

  3. I adore Creepling’s scarves, they make me want to learn to crochet myself lol. My friend who knits has been dying to learn how to make one of these, I hope you put the pattern back up soon so I can show her!

  4. Oh yay! I’m so glad everyone seems to love the scarf. A few friends have suggested putting the pattern up on ravelry for a small fee instead of re-posting it here so I might do that. Normally I’d rather post things like this for free, but I’ll be out of work in a few months which is swaying my decision. Hope that’s okay!

  5. Very cool! I am Creeplings and I don’t mind a bit. I’m amazed that knitting works so well – especially for the suckercups. Nice work!

  6. Amazing! That makes me very happy indeed, thank you so much! ^_^

    I’m sure it is more efficient to use crochet, but for non-crocheters like me there’s now a knitting alternative to turn to. Although saying that, I did order my first crochet hooks last night so I’m quite excited about learning that too.

  7. Let me know how it goes. I have been asked to make a pattern, which I do plan to do. I’ve been procrastinating, however. I think this post might give me a push.

  8. I’m sure there are a LOT of people on the internet who would love a pattern, in fact I know there are because I was one of them. I will learn to crotchet in anticipation and hopefully get my knitted pattern back up soon. Having never written a pattern before though it made sense to take up my friend’s offer to test knit it first before releasing it back into the world.

  9. Oh, hell, yeah, I would love botht he knit and crochet patterns for this.

  10. I would love a pattern! (Yeah, I do that, too – deconstructing things and making my own patterns…)

  11. Any chance the pattern will be up anytime soon?

  12. please post your pattern!! i want to make these suupperr bad=] it’s my christmas wish=]

  13. pleeeeease post your pattern again? 🙂

  14. Oh, I forgot to check the notifications box for if you do post it again. :$

  15. PLEASE repost this pattern, I’ve been failing at reconstructing one of these for months…

  16. I was just curious if you were still planning on selling this pattern! This is a perfect gift for a friend. I ABSOLUTELY would buy your pattern from you and am a member of Ravelry already but couldn’t find this scarf. Let me know? That would be awesome!

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  18. Oh! I NEED this pattern! I’m totally obsessed by tentacles too, could you send to me the knitting pattern ? ( I knit I don’t know crochet…)
    😀 so happy to find this…

  19. Could you post the pattern? The crochet one would be better, but I can probably figure out how to crochet it from the knitting pattern.

  20. Hello!

    I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

    Man and Van Twickenham

  21. Hi! i know this is old stuff but i am trying to prepare xmas presents for my BF and he is a tentacle fan! Is it possiblet to have the pattern or buy it anywhere? the etsy shop doesn’t work anymore (at least i wasn’t able to contact)

  22. Wow that’s an amazing scarf! And I can’t believe you figured out how to create it into a knitting pattern! Converting knitting into crochet is quite doable, but I’d find the opposite absolutely impossible.

  23. Still wishing you would post a link to buy the pattern. You could still be making money on this pattern four years later! Not to mention sharing happiness with the world. 🙂

  24. Also known as the most misleading post title ever. :/

  25. I’m looking for the pattern link for this please!!!!!!

  26. Please, please post a pattern!

  27. So where is the pattern available???

  28. Great work! Look forward to hearing that you have put the pattern back out in the world. If you sell it, I’m in! If you post it for free, I’ll get it!!

  29. karen j carlisle

    would be interested in a pattern. please

  30. any progress on a pattern?

  31. Helloooooo?!? Pattern please?

  32. Is the pattern on ravelry yet? I’d love to make this !!!

  33. Reblogged this on Musicbox42 and commented:
    This is wonderful and I must make it as soon add she puts it up

  34. I would love the pattern please

  35. Crazy exciting…especially as the Monterey Bay Aquarium has an exhibit called Tentacles!!! LET ME KNOW!

  36. So did you ever post the pattern because this is a little frustrating.

  37. Still waiting for a pattern. If it’s not ever going to be available, that would be nice to know, too.

  38. karen j carlisle

    Designed my own in the end.

  39. Karen, I’d love to have a copy of your pattern if you’d be willing to share. I’d gladly compensate you for it.

  40. ^ What Tammy said. 🙂

  41. I wish you would put up your pattern. I would even pay for it and by the comments so would a lot of others.

  42. A friend just posted this on my Facebook – if you need any help still with any of the testing, I’ve done tons of test-knits…be happy to buy it if it’s ready, too!

  43. Have you put a pattern up on Ravelry yet? Where can I find this pattern you have?

  44. Dee near Berkeley

    one more vote for putting the pattern up, tech-edited or not. yes, put it on ravelry for sale and stand back. you do realize, don’t you, that you have a whack of potential beta testers (test knitters) in this list of folks who want your pattern? i’d give odds that most, if not all, of the commenters expressing interest in your pattern would CHEERFULLY knit it and send you any corrections, etc., they find AND pay you for the priviledge. go on. i dare you!!!

  45. Perhaps I’m missing it but what is your pattern??? Would you consider sharing? I love this!!!

  46. To cool for school! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to the directions / pattern.

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