St John Roasted Bone Marrow on Toast with Parsley Salad

St John's roasted bone marrow on toast with parsley salad

If you’ve never eaten roasted marrow bones before I urge you to give them a try. Soft, sweet, salty, melty, meaty deliciousness, it will be one of the best things you’ll ever eat on toast. Of course the reason they taste so comfortingly luscious is because what you’re eating is mostly fat with just a bit of protein, meaning this may not be the best meal if you’re trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I’d rather do a bit more exercise or have a slightly fuller figure than miss out on this kind of simple edible joy. And anyway what are you trying to lose weight for, you look beautiful just the way you are.

Marrow bones are super simple to cook, just stick ’em in the oven for 20 minutes then serve, and they’re usually fairly cheap too, some butchers may even throw them in for free. Most recipes seem to recommend 2-3 bones per person as a lunch or starter, but really it depends on the person and the bones. The one in the picture seemed to supply and never-ending amount of marrow and I had to fetch extra toast to spread it on, making it a filling lunch in itself.

I followed this recipe from Fergus Henderson’s St John restaurant, somewhere I really need to eat and a book I really need to buy in the near future. Damn limited funds. I’ll give you the measurements I used though as I decreased the amounts to feed one rather than four.

St John’s roasted bone marrow on toast with parsley salad
serves 1 for lunch

  • 1-2 marrow bone sections (or three, if they’re small/you’re really hungry)
  • hand full of flat leaf parsley
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 tsp capers, rinsed
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil
  • A few slices of sourdough (or other bread if you prefer, but I’ve come to the decision that all bread should be sourdough – it’s just better than the others)
  • Course sea salt.

Stand the marrow bone sections on their widest end in an oven proof dish, then roast in an oven at 190C/fan 170C/gas mark 5 for 20 minutes.

Chop the parsley and finely slice the shallot. The original recipe didn’t say to chop the capers, but mine were slightly larger so I chopped them up a bit too. Whisk together the juice from the lemon quarter and the oil, then toss together with the parsley, shallot and capers.

Toast the sourdough slices. When the bones are ready* place them on a plate and sprinkle the top with a pinch of sea salt.

To eat, just scoop the marrow out with a spoon or knife, spread across the toast and top with the parsley salad. Beam with meaty contentment.

* The bones will release a decent amount of fat while they’re cooking. This is beef dripping, don’t throw it away! Strain it into a cup, leave it to cool and keep it in the fridge. Spread it on toast with a sprinkling of salt, use it to shallow fry potatoes or Google other uses. Every time you throw away good beef dripping a Northerner cries.


One response to “St John Roasted Bone Marrow on Toast with Parsley Salad

  1. I adore marrow bones. Love them. Ever since I was little. Imagine me, little, slurping and sucking marrow bones to my heart’s content. Oh yes!

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