When you wish upon a blog…

When you wish upon a blog
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
May come to you…

Yes, it seems that sometimes, in life as in Disney, wishes really do come true. There is a magical Fairy Hobmother currently watching over the blogosphere, granting wishes and leaving trails of appliance-based happiness wherever she lands.

Let me explain. The Fairy Hobmother is actually one of the team at Appliances Online an online retailer of cookers and other white goods. They seem to have been bitten by the generosity bug recently because they’ve been handing out appliances to gratefully perplexed bloggers left, right and centre.

I first spotted the Fairy Hobmother as she flitted away from Helen of Fuss Free Flavours after granting her wish for a stand mixer with dough hooks. Her next stop was with Kavey of Kavey Eats who received a pasta making attachment for her KitchenAid. I commented on both blog posts, asking the Fairy Hobmother to please send me a replacement hand blender as the motor on mine had recently worn out, and thought nothing more of it.

Then a couple of weeks ago I received a wonderful surprise email from my very own Fairy Hobmother offering to grant my wish! A few days later and I have this beauty sitting in my kitchen:

Hand blender from the Fairy Hobmother

Gone are my days of faffing around with the food processor or my leaky old blender for a morning smoothie, it’s just blitz, rinse and go from now on! And what’s more, everything I blend with it tastes just that little bit better knowing the hand blender was a gift – that’s fairy magic for you!

So now it’s your turn to make a wish, just leave a comment telling me what your heart desires, and hope that the Fairy Hobmother is listening.

Your wish doesn’t have to be something Appliances Online sell either, as well as Helen’s dough hook mixer and Kavey’s pasta making attachment the Fairy Hobmother has also granted wishes for a Tefal ActiFry, a slow cooker, a HD television, and a washing machine.

You could try making a wish via Twitter too, just Tweet @AppOnline or @Ian_Goodall, and maybe let them know that @beccarothwell sent you.

Thank you SO much to Appliances Online for my hand blender and good luck to all you fellow wishers!


8 responses to “When you wish upon a blog…

  1. Yay, so pleased you had your wish granted! x

  2. It’s so nice to have a Fairy Godmother! At work we are all Good Fairies to a Cinderella, we give them little presents to brighten their day and spread happiness! I’m determined to make all my presents this term so I’ve been making a head start during our school holiday, this is my first gift – http://keepsmeoutofmischief.wordpress.com/2011/04/23/good-fairy-make-up-bag/ . My wish would be a serger to make all my sewing look more neatly finished! I know it’s not a cooking appliance, but my husband will go mad if I ask for anything else for the kitchen!

  3. Beginning to feel like Cinderella with no Fairy Hobmother. If there is a sparte wish around …. I’d love an icecream maker. Now wouldn’t that be magic?

  4. Adele Ibbotson

    Dear Fairy Hobmother,
    I would love a plasma TV if you have a spare one available – failing that a hot chocolate maker or a chocolate fountain or a blender would be wonderful. I very much hope to hear from you soon xxx

  5. Dearest Fairy Hobmother,
    When I wish upon a star I’m dreaming of an electrical meat grinder as I’m very tired from mincing and making sausages by hand!

  6. Oh, I’ve been wishing for a KitchenAid for a very, very long time now. It seems like they are indestructible and I’ve coveted a stand mixer so I can make things like Italian meringue without the fear of boiling sugar syrup exploding all around me. I’ve just had a huge reorganisation of my flat and finally the boyfriend agrees that there’s space in our kitchen for one – hurrah!

  7. Oh i wish so much I had a a stand mixer with dough hooks! Its the stuff my dreams are made of! 😉

  8. Dear Fairy Hobmother…. I don’t blog, but I have a blog…. perhaps an ice-cream maker will motive me to write… 😉

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