El Parador, Camden [GUEST POST at The Haiku Review]

Grilled Padrón peppers 4
Exciting times, I’ve had my first ever guest post! This post actually went up on Meemalee’s blog a few days ago I’ve been a bit rubbish at getting the linked post up here; so sorry to Meems and better late than never hey? Check out my relatively succinct post (for me, I still managed to write more than in any of Meemalee’s other posts) over at The Haiku Review or read on if you want the slightly lengthier version and then click through at the end.

I visited El Parador in Camden back in July, fairly soon after reading James Ramsden’s blog post here. Normally it’s the prose of James’ posts which convince me I have to visit somewhere, but this time I was won over almost immediately just be the sight of the Padrón peppers in his first picture; though of course reading through the rest of the post only strengthened my resolve.

It seemed a bumper time for finding food spots in Camden this summer; I’d been working there since the previous year with very little to go on, then in the space of a few weeks I had El Parador, Asakusa, Yum Cha and Chin Chin Labs added to The List. As Yum Cha and Chin Chin Labs were slightly too far from our office to make it there and back within an hour, and Asakusa doesn’t serve at lunchtime me and a friend chose El Parador for our working lunch, and a wonderful choice it was too.

Sitting out on the balcony to enjoy the last, slightly anaemic attempts, at some summer sun meant that I managed to thoroughly over expose the pictures I speedily snapped on my camera phone, so apologies for the glaring halos of light that the bright white plates have become. The meal itself though was perfect, delivered quickly without ever feeling rushed, with the food fresh wonderful and delicious. Taking advantage of the three for two lunch time offer they still have on according to their website we ordered two plates to share between us, a classic Spanish tortilla and of course some of those glorious Padrón peppers, and one plate each to ourselves as my companion was vegetarian and this allowed me to chose a non-veggie dish. I agonised over my choice for a while, hovering over the fresh anchovies and jamón ibérico before finally settling on and untested choice of morcilla with apple, caramalised red onions and watercress. This turned out to be by far my favourite dish of the meal and found myself especially happy that I didn’t have to share any of my tasty meaty goodness.


El Parador
245 Eversholt Street
020 7387 2789

Guest Post over at The Haiku Review here.


3 responses to “El Parador, Camden [GUEST POST at The Haiku Review]

  1. El Parador used to be a regular haunt of mine from around 97 to 2002 and then less frequently after. I worked in the magnificent Black Cat building opposite the Mornington Crescent tube station entrance.
    After that, I’d go from time to time but haven’t been for over a year.
    Must get back!

  2. I really liked it there, if you’re ever in the area Monday-Wednesday we could get lunch there if you like? xxx

  3. Gosh I lived in Camden between 93 and 2000 but never went to this place, what a disgrace! Glad to hear you will be coming to our Bloggers Xmas Lunch on the 19/12.

    Great blog by the way!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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