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El Parador, Camden [GUEST POST at The Haiku Review]

Grilled Padrón peppers 4
Exciting times, I’ve had my first ever guest post! This post actually went up on Meemalee’s blog a few days ago I’ve been a bit rubbish at getting the linked post up here; so sorry to Meems and better late than never hey? Check out my relatively succinct post (for me, I still managed to write more than in any of Meemalee’s other posts) over at The Haiku Review or read on if you want the slightly lengthier version and then click through at the end. Continue reading


Mango and Nectarine Crumble

Mango and Nectarine Crumble
What do you do when you find a neglected wrinkly old nectarine in the fruit bowl and a forgotten over-ripe mango lurking in the bottom of the fridge drawer? You could certainly do a lot worse than use them to make this mango and nectarine crumble as I did recently when confronted with just that. Throwing them away that would be worse though I’m guessing to many it may seem the most obvious action; but given the choice between wasting your hard earned pennies and contributing to the growing mountain of UK food waste or an extra unexpected and unplanned for dessert I know which I’d prefer. Continue reading

Lentils and Chorizo Stew

Lentils and Chorizo Stew
Lentils and chorizo stew; incredibly simple and yet equally delicious. Warming, filling and comforting this is exactly the sort of food I want as the nights draw in ever earlier and the air develops a distinctly chilly nip. My mum was the first person to cook this for me a couple of years ago using the recipe below from Fresh Spanish by Sergio Vasquez;  a lovely book, filled with delicious sounding easy to follow recipes for various Spanish dishes, which she has since gifted me a copy of after I repeatedly lost my photocopied pages and had to call once again for amounts and instructions.  Reading through my mum’s copy I’d found loads of recipes to be bookmarked for future cooking and I was happy to see how easy the chorizo stew would be to make as well as I suspected fairly cheap too judging by the ingredients, and at the time this was all the more important as I struggled my way though the questionable expense of a post-graduate degree. Continue reading