Delhi Grill, Islington

I love Twitter; a few months ago I was lucky enough to spot a tweet from Hannah Norris of Nourish PR asking for anyone working in a North London office to get in touch. There was free food to be had so of course I emailed right away. It turned out Hannah was handling PR for the newly opened Delhi Grill in Chapel Market, Islington, an Indian ‘Dhaba‘ Canteen seeking in their own words to serve:

“Indian food as it should be – freshly ground spices – slow-cooked – deep, delicious flavours – no stir in sauces – and not swimming in oil”

In order to promote their opening and get the word out they wanted to send some free lunch time rotis out to businesses nearby; I gave Hannah our office address and people numbers and that was that. Weeks went by and all remained silent, then suddenly about a month ago I got another email from Hannah; how was Friday for a roti delivery? Brilliant, I sent word round the office that Friday would be free lunch day.


Hannah had asked for the number of colleagues that work around me, however as we work in a small open plan office that was pretty much everyone, around 20 people in all. Thinking this was a ridiculous number to ask for I’d instead asked Hannah to just send whatever seemed an appropriate amount; I’d cut them into sections and make sure everyone got a chance to try. I was expecting maybe five or so rotis but when they arrived the incredibly generous guys at Delhi Grill had sent fifteen! Five each of their lamb, chicken and paneer varieties, so it was happy Friday everybody and rotis all round!

I of course made sure I got to try all three, although not wanting to look too greedy I opted to cut them into sections and take a third of each. This I knew immediately was a foolish and silly thing to do, as with any wrap style food of this kind the rotis need to be kept tight in their foil, edges peeled back as you work your way down; but I am a foolish and silly person, foolish, silly and just a little bit greedy, so unwrapped they were. This did make the rotis I had just a little bit more difficult to eat, but that didn’t stop them being utterly delicious.

Chicken, lamb and paneer rotis

Delicately but well spiced without being over powering all three were stuffed with a mixture of chunky shredded red and white cabbage and, cucumber together with their eponymous fillings and a some different sauces. Of the three my least favourite was the lamb, a sheekh kebab sausage made with ground meat I found it a little bland and slightly under-seasoned compared to the others although it was still delicious. Next up was the chicken tikka, lovely moist chunks of marinated charred chicken complimented with a touch of raita. My favourite by far though was the paneer; marinated, orange-edged, cubes of cheese grilled and topped with I think some kind of soft, sweet, chutney of tomatoes or peppers, this roti had by far the greatest chilli kick and I loved it.

Asking around the office afterwards most seemed fairly impressed, there were a couple of grumblings about the rotis themselves being a little soggy which I hadn’t found but I suspect that was a product of their being wrapped up and carried over to the office. Speaking to Hannah again afterwards I found out that they are not normally available for delivery but had been this time as part of the promotion. Usually the rotis would be prepared fresh to order from a grill just outside the restaurant and I can see how this would make a difference, this also explained why they were not on the menus we’d been sent either.

All in all I really enjoyed what we were sent and it is only a shame that, despite the promotion supposedly being to businesses in the local area, we are probably just that little bit too far in our office near King’s Cross to fit in a lunch time round trip. At a pitiful £2.95 a pop though this is definitely somewhere I can recommend for a cheap, fresh and delicious lunch for anyone who is in the area. I’ve certainly bookmarked Delhi Grill on The List for a proper future visit to try out their full sit-down menu and if we only lived within the 1 mile catchment area of their take-away delivery they’d be first on the list for when I next can’t be bothered to cook at home.

Delhi Grill
21 Chapel Market
Angel, Islington
N1 9EZ
020 7278 8100


4 responses to “Delhi Grill, Islington

  1. I have since tried their curries, and give them a full two thumbs up. Tasty, simple, satisfying. Going to visit the place next, when chance arises.

    Cup of tea, soon Lady B?

    • I wish they delivered to us, but we’re just a bit more than a mile out so no take-away deliciousness for me! Also planning on popping in one evening though when time and money allow so hopefully I’ll get to try their curries soon!

      Cup of tea would be lovely Ms Shed 😉 When were you thinking?

  2. They look tasty, I used to work right next to Chapel St market and could have done with these then. Is that crazy indian vegetarian place still open down there?

    • They really were! They’re not too far from our office but unfortunately just that bit too far to walk or bus inside of an hour and still have time to actually eat!

      I actually haven’t been to the Chapel St Market restaurant though yet so no idea about the crazy Indian vegetarian place, do you remember what it was called? I’ll have a look when I’m next there 🙂

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