Chocolate and Banana Croissant “Bread and Butter” Pudding

Chocolate and banana croissant "bread and butter" pudding

Looks like a mess, tasted like stodgy chocolatey joy.

I don’t often make puddings at home; although I am definitely a pudding sort of girl.  I’m frequently the one found trying to convince fellow diners that they do have room for a little pud, and look how good this sounds, well what if we shared, just so I don’t have to be the only one at a table left gorging myself on something sweet and gooey and deliciously fattening while everyone else sips their espressos and feels thin.  At home though, unless I’m having friends for dinner when I may make more of an effort, I can very rarely be bothered to knock up a proper pudding as well as cooking dinner for the sake of just us two.  I know my boyfriend will be just as happy with some shop bought ice-cream or a bar of dairy milk, so that’s what he gets.

There are those nights though when a bit of fruit and ice-cream or a few squares of chocolate just aren’t enough, and a last week arose one of those times.

As it was already fairly late in the evening, and pudding cravings or no I remain a pretty lazy creature at heart, I knew whatever I made it would have to be simple and quick.  I knew reviewing my mental freezer catalogue that I had some frozen homemade custard and a few frozen stale croissants, both left-over from friend’s previous visits.  Looking in the fruit bowl I saw a casually declining banana, over-ripe and destined for the freezer itself.  That settled it, banana croissant “bread and butter” pudding it would be.

I knew the basic principles involved, add custard to stale croissants, add fruit/marmalade/chocolate/booze as appropriate, and bake for some time at some heat.  A quick Google around confirmed this, and suggested a standard oven heat of around 180C for somewhere between 20-40 minutes would be appropriate.

On the logic that every pudding is better with a bit of booze thrown in I decided to stir a slug of cointreau into the reheated custard, whilst a rummage in the cupboard turned up an open packet of 75% dark chocolate which I snapped into chunks and slotted in amongst the croissant.  The result was just what I’d been craving; hot, sweet, creamy, stodgy, cakey joy.  Too much joy, as I swiftly realised I’d made enough to feed about five people, or make one person feel very sick.  This is why I don’t make puddings without guests, and why my clothes are progressively shrinking, but it was still a really good pudding, and I’ll join the gym next week, honest.

Chocolate and Banana “Bread and Butter” Pudding

Serves 4-5 (or one chubby girl across the course of several days)

  • A few stale croissants (I had 3, but I think 4 would have been better)
  • About 500ml custard (homemade or fresh from a supermarket chiller cabinet – not powdered!)
  • 1-2 ripe sliced bananas (I don’t think it matters if you use up slightly over-ripe bananas here, I did)
  • 50-75g good dark chocolate (I think I used slightly too much chocolate, so 50g might be about right).
  • A glug of Cointreau (no idea how much as I just poured some in, at a guess maybe 1tbsp)

Tear the croissants into rough chunks and put them in reasonably sized oven proof dish.  Pour over the Cointreau, or stir a glug of it into the custard (I did the latter but I suspect the former may work better) followed by the custard.  Dot the chunks of chocolate and banana slices in amongst the croissant chunks and poke everything down to make sure it’s all covered.  I suspect a sprinkling of Demerara sugar over the top would work well here too but I didn’t have any so I didn’t.

Pop it in the oven at 180C/fan 160C/gas 4 for 30-40 minutes until the custard is set and golden on top, mine took 40 minutes.

Spoon a big portion into a bowl and if you’re feeling extra decadent or happen to have some in the fridge pour over some single cream.


2 responses to “Chocolate and Banana Croissant “Bread and Butter” Pudding

  1. I want some now! And it’s only 10.45 am..
    I had a great version of this some years ago using cardamom in the mix – great with the chocolate.

    • Oh I love the idea of using cardamom, bet that would be so good with the dark chocolate! I imagine you’d infuse that into the cream before making the custard, perhaps with some other spices too like cinnamon or maybe some orange peel? I wonder if this would be even better if made using chocolate custard too, there are so many possibilities if making the custard from scratch.

      I love having little boxes of leftovers stashed away in the freezer that I can concoct into extra meals like this though, that’s why I try to never throw things away as you never know what it could come in useful for. I was so happy when I realised I had the ingredients for this ready made and just waiting to be defrosted and thrown together, made this really quick and easy to do for an evening after work!

      Glad you liked the post thanks ^_^

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